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Become the boss of your JanLinders supermarket with the brick collection

From March 16th until the 3rd of May, collect all the 62 different building blocks to build your own JanLinders shop!


janlinder briks shop

JanLinders bricks can be combined with other well known building blocks

Every 10€ worth of groceries, customer will receive one free pack of building blocks.

There are a total of 62 different blocks.

Start to build your own shop and buy the bricks building plate for 2.49€.

5 special blocks, one for each week of the promotion, for free when purchasing a participating product.

There is an exclusive special: the Janliders truck, available with 100 loyalty points and
addiotional 1.99€.

janlinders bricks characters


(one special available every week)

In addition to the free packets, customer can buy also other various product with images of Zooland animal such as:

 janlinders special blocks

Wall set, 16-22 March.

Roll container, 23-29 Marc.

JanLinders truck, 23-29 March.

Wall set, 30 March-5 April (not clear why there are 2 of them).

Sidewalk board, 6-13 April.

Coffee corner, 14-19 April.


janlinders featured img

Download instructions to build your own shop.

janlinders colouring in sheets

Download the colouring-in sheets

janlinders brick list

Check what bricks you still missing on the brick list

janlinders bricks exchange

Exchanging day on the 28th March (has been cancelled due COVID-19)