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Carrefour France 2020
Carrefour France 2020 mange-comme-un-champion


How it works ?

from 25th August until 11th October 2020 Every 30 € of purchases from Carrefour  collect the stickers of football champions and their favorite recipes!
  • Carrefour

    1 booklet containing 3 stickers will be given  for each purchase of € 30, within the limit of € 90 of purchase, i.e. 3 bags maximum per checkout .
  • The larger sticker is the recipe and how to make it, the other two images are of the player in action and portrait.
  • 105 stickers to collect
  • Collector album price € 2,90
  • pack for sale € 0,50 .
  • App for free to a digital collection scan the cards. Create an avatar and play soccer mini-games!
Carrefour mange-comme-un-champion-2020

Carrefour mange-comme-un-champion-2020

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