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Albert Heijn launches the collection that’s shows kids the importance of healthy eating.


How it works ?

from Monday 7 September to Sunday 4 October 2020  for every  5€ of purchases on fruit and vegetables customers  receive one pack for free.
  • for each purchase of 5€ shoppers receive 1 pack which includes 1 set of cards a different set of cards every week
  • 1 card  box for free with the purchase of Chiquita bananas from 7 to 13 September
  • 64 cards  to collect, 4 sets of 16 cards each
  • 6 possible games with Foodstars cards, some immediately possible, others required more sets of cards
  • on line special magazine Allerhande Kids to learn how to cook the tastiest recipes with good and healthy food
  • free App Foodstars every week with more than 10 new creative, sporting, musical and culinary challenges.
  • The campaign was also launched by influencers from YouTube and TikTok


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