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Super osma once again in BILLA.CZ with 8 plushies in mugs.

From September 9th 2020, through December 15th 2020, in BILLA shops in Czech Republic, customers can collect stickers to convert into a super osma plush with a mug.


For every 250CZK (~9.30€) spent in BILLA stores, customers will receive 1 sticker. Ask for the collection card and stick the stickers on it. Once you get enough stickers on your card you can exchange it for a plush in a mug for 129.9CZK (~4.8€ with 10 stickers) or 49.90CZK (~1.85€ with 20 stickers).

More to know:

billa super osmu

Go to superosma.cz and play the game on you smartphone to win up to 5 extra stickers. If you win you will receive an SMS to present at the till to get your price.

 4 funny games about super osma such as find the differences, cross words, quiz and a coloring page.

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