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Jan Linders: “BOS DIEREN

From the 7th September 2020 Jan Linders started his edutainment loyalty campaign about forest animals (bos dieren): 72 different stickers of 24 unique animals in order to complete the savings album, and the free app where you can bring the forest animals to life or play the game.


From September 7th 2020 to October 8th 2020, for every 15€ worth of groceries customer will receive 4 animal stickers. You can get the savings album for free downloading the voucher from the website and presenting it at the till, or buying it for 0,99€. The savings album is full of fact, riddles and craft tips.

6 special forest animal coins to use with the free app. Every week there is a special promotion to get one free coin.

Download the free app! 

Once you get the coins scan them with the app to bring animals to life, play the game, running through the forest with different animals.

Other things to know:

JanLinders gives you the chance to get extra sticker set with the saving accelerators (check the list).

Win a day on the road with a real forest ranger, and a goodie bag, just answering to a simple question: how many ladybugs do you count in the savings album?

Exchange afternoon on Wednesday 14th October from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. trade your stickers to complete you savings album.


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