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Spookies are back in Kaufland (Czech Republic) with 48 new magnets.

From August 26, 2020, through September, 29, 2020, customers can collect 48 different type of Spookies magnets and insert them in the large Spookies map.


Kaufland CZ Spookies

Customer will receive 1 pack, with one Spookie magnet inside, for every 350CZK(~13€) worth of groceries. Customers can also buy the magnets separately for 19.90CZK (~0.70€).

Kaufland CZ Spookies

Place correctly your Spookies in the 48 empty spaces in the large Spookies Map (magnetic map), the price of the map is 190CZK (~7,30€).

Spookies app, online game and quiz:

On Kaufland website customers can download the free app and bring Spookies to live with augmented reality, play the game or answer to a quiz about Spookies.

Spookies trade:

On Kaufland website, after a short registration, customer can contact other users interested in exchanging their magnets. Kaufland has also a dedicated Facebook page only for Spookies exchange.


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