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Disney plush toys land in Netto France, get them for just 1€.

From the 15th of September until 27th December 2020, customers can collect 6 new Disney plush toys and a set of 5 glasses with your favourite cartoon characters.


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1 sticker every 10€ purchase.

Get 1 free sticker for every partner product bought. There is no limit to the number of stickers per checkout.

Collect 10 or 30 stickers on your collectors album.

Present the album at the till to get a 16cm plush for 1€ and 30 stickers, or 5 glasses for 10€ and 10 stickers.

Customer can receive stickers until the 27th December 2020 and present the complete album until 10th January 2020.
The price for a single plush without stickers is 12.5€ and 20€ for the set of glasses.

netto disney stamps plush

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