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LEGO are back in Sainsbury’s UK with a new collections of 140 cards.

From the 16th September until 27th October 2020, third series of LEGO trading cards in Sainsbury’s stores across the UK. The theme of this 3rd series is food, aiming to inspire and educate children about different foods from around the world.


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sainsbury's collector's album

1 pack with 4 cards every 10£ (up to the value of 150£) including 1 in 4 holographic cards. Sainsbury’s online grocery shop included.

Customers can buy cards separately for 50p each pack. Additional cards may be collected by purchasing promotional products. Promotional products will be clearly marked in store and online

140 cards (eco-friendly packets) to collect in the album “LEGO Create The World: Living Amazingly” (2.50£)

Play the games in the album and learn lots of facts about food from around the world.


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