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Get all the Minions runners and plushies, in Stokrotka Poland.

From the 20th August until the 4th November 2020, Stokrotka gives to his clients the possibility to collect 30 Minions runner and 6 Minions plush.


stokrotka minions flyer

Every 45PLN (~10€) customers will receive 1 pack with 1 stamp and 1 “runner” (there are 30 different runners).

Collectors album is 9,99PLN (~2.20€), store all your runners in one place.

1 extra pack for every partner product bought (list of the partner products on Stokrotka website).

Collect 5 stamps to get a 70% discount on the purchase of a minion plush for 29.99PLN (~6.60€) instead of 99.99PLN (~22€), there are 6 plushies total.


Stokrotka minions plush stokrotka minions plush 2 stokrotka minions collectors