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Monetka Russia: "Emoji Mania"

Until January 15 2020, collect 24 emoji 3D figures! Same loyalty campaign brought by "Слате" at the beginning of the year but with different mechanics.


monetka emoji img 24 emoji to collect for only 19.90 RUB (~0.20€) each.
Collector box for 200 RUB (~2.20€).
Golden emoji: find the golden emoji and win a Xiaomi Redmi 9 smartphone (there are a 100 smartphones to assign).
monetka golden

monetka banner Download the Monetka app by scanning the QR code that you can find in stores or on flyers.
Scan the 3D emoji figures and enjoy the augmented reality.
Play the mini game on the app and collect as many points as possible in order to win daily prizes.
Every day 200 participants with the most points will receive gifts such as discount coupon and bonuses from partner products.

Sadly there are different negative feedbacks from android users giving a 2.5/5 rate on the Play Store, due to lag in game, scan of 3D figures not working and there are no clear rules or description of the game.
Fortunately they are still working on optimizing the Application for all the devices.

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