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BILLA CZ: Masterchef collection!

Collect points and become a master in your kitchen with Masterchef knives and utensils


The promotion runs from 13.01.2021 until 23.03.2021

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For every 250 CZK spent in BILLA store chain you will get 1 stamp.
Collect 10 or 20 stamps and choose one of the MasterChef products.
Present the collector card with the stamps on it and get a special discount to buy the product you've chosen.
Stamps are issued in the period from 13.01 to 23.03 and you can redeem products until 30.03.

Baking bowls
ideal for baking and serving, suitable for microwaves, ovens and freezers, great heat distribution, resistant to temperature, dirt and scratching, easy to celan.


billa utensil
billa utensil


Join the roman staša culinary challenge:
BILLA gives you the opportunity to win for free all the MasterChef product collection and in addition having roman staša cooking for you!

Follow 2 easy steps to enter the competition:
Take a picture of your fridge
Upload the picture on BILLA website or publish it on Instagram stories with the hashtag #BILLACZLEDNICE

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