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Collect all 24 super fast marbles and play races with your family or friends

The Marble Maniacs savings campaign runs from Sunday, January 31, 2021 to Saturday, March 20, 2021

There are four teams: the Green Maniacs, Red Maniacs, the Yellow Maniacs and a team of marbles taking part in the TV program Marble Mania.
18 unique, funny and healthy characters were created by Wesly Gibs.


marbles characters

marbles gif

plus marbles


Collect all 24 marbles during the promotional period, you will receive a package with one free marble for every 10 euros spent in PLUS.
Look out for partner products in store to get additional marbles for free.


marbles tin Marble maniacs collection tin:

Marble Maniacs collection tin, available for the entire promotion period for only 2.49 euros! In this collection tin you can not only collect your marbles, you can also extend the finish of your marble track with the lid.

plus marbles track Marble maniacs track:

Get the marble track for free in the first week of the campaign: on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 February 2021 when you spend 25 euros or more! After that, the track is available for 2.99 euros.

Limited edition:

Every week you will receive an exclusive extension for your marble track with special promotional products.

marbles limited edition

Marble Maniacs TV show on SBS6

marble maniacs tv

Every Thursday at 8:30 PM on SBS6. Or watch the replay on Saturday at 6:30 PM. Well-known Dutch people such as the guys from Stuk TV, Nick & Simon and radio DJs Sander and Wietse will compete with the Marble Maniacs.

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