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Pingo Doce Portugal: Bando Do Mar

From 09/03/2021 until 07/06/2021 discover the loyalty campaign that teaches you how to protect the sea

For each book, € 0.50 goes to education and awareness initiatives on marine litter. Half of the amount raised will go towards collecting marine litter, cleaning coastal areas and the other half will go to the environmental education project involving schools in Portugal, promoted by ABAE (Blue Flag Association of Europe). Students will learn about the types of marine litter, how to monitor them and their impact on preservation of the oceans and their species. The program will also include beach cleaning actions.


(promotion reserved only for clients with loyalty card)


charactersCustomers will receive 1 stamp for every 20€ spent.
Collect 5 stamps to receive for free Bando Do Mar book "mission: save the ocean".
Collect 10 stamps to get a free mini plush. 
10 stamps+4.99€ to get a normal size plush or 15 stickers to get it for free.


Each normal size plush can be purchased for 9.99€ and the book for 4.99€. Mini sized plush can't be purchased.


bando do mar plushies

Bando Do Mar APP

Find out how to help and protect the ocean and the species through games with the free Application 

bando do mar application


See the suggestions Pingo Doce prepared for you and learn how to protect the ocean. If you include these small gestures in your daily life, you will be helping the Bando do Mar, the environment and the Planet Earth.

bando do mar suggestions

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