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Netto Germany: Hey Clay is back with a new collection from 01/03 until 24/04 18

There are no limits to your creativity with 18 colors of clay to collect and many fruit and vegetables characters to bring to life.

netto hey clay


netto hey clay pack

Free pack of clay for every 15€ spent in NETTO store (customers can buy a pack separately for 0,50€)

netto book

Book of ideas: follow the instruction and get inspired by the ideas to create your characters for only 2,49€

netto hey clay box

Clay box with all 18 colours for 9,99€

netto collection box

Collection box to store all you characters with 20 practical storage bags for 2,99€


Free Hey Clay App to download:

hey clay app

you can find many more ideas and instructions to build different characters

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